Coming to you live from the bedside with a beautiful view of the city. So this weekend we escaped to Austin on a little family getaway. Our hotel is lovely. Dezy invited a friend to come with us as well. Ok since I’m the only one awake let me share some pics from yesterday evening.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the girls decided to go for a swim. That’s my love up there. Afterwards we went to grab some dinner at Pappasitos. It was delicious. So were the margaritas!

We came back to relax in the hotels patio for a bit. Then called it a night.


Today we’re making our way to the New Braunfels Farm-to-Market and afterwards we’ll be hitting up the shops in Gruene. Love those little towns!!! Will share more later!!



Sip On This: Tropical Inspired Green Smoothies


1c watermelon
1/2c pineapple
1/2c raspberries
1c spinach
1c water

Blend it up! Makes the most refreshing smoothie!


1c spinach
2 bananas
1/2c pineapple
1/2 mango
1tbsp coconut oil
1c water

Add everything together and blend! Enjoy this smoothie by the pool! Brings back some piña colada memories! Ha!


1c spinach
1 avocado
1/2 mango
2 bananas
1/2c pineapple
1tbsp coconut oil
1c water

Blend. Sip. Enjoy that tropical taste!

NOTE: I froze all the fruits beforehand. I don’t use ice in smoothies because I don’t like the taste when it gets watered down.



Happy Friday everyone!!! So on behalf of #FitFriday I’m sharing with you my early morning leg/quad workout!! Try adding it to your routine today and feel the burn!!!! 😅

Leg extensions
Lying Leg press

rest 30sec-1min

30 Walking lunges

rest 30sec-1min

**2 rounds**
20 Squat jumps
20 Pop squats
20 Side lunges to knee up
20 Deep squats
20 Box jumps
20 Switch lunges

rest 30sec-1min

**Finisher** 30sec each 2x
Mountain climbers
Wall sit
Bicycle crunches

1/4 mi run


Ohhh yea and for the ones with kiddos.. Happy last day of school!!!! Mine just happened to walk in the house! Let the summer begin!