Work Baby, Work!

Ok ladies here we go again! It’s a new week! Experiencing setbacks? If you’re not achieving your goal as quickly as you would like it’s fine don’t stress! Don’t feel discouraged. Any progress is good progress! Only YOU have the POWER to make shit right!! Whatever it takes, put in that work and you will get there!

So what steps will you take today that will bring you closer to your goal?


Hustle, Ladies, Hustle!!

Its Monday! The weekend has come and gone. Yes, yes we all love a little break from work or working out BUT its time to get back on track! It’s a new week ladies! Another week to make new goals or another chance to make shit right! Whatever your goals may be, whether to get that promotion or lose 5lbs, stop dreaming about what you want and hustle to get it! Remember, good things come to those who HUSTLE! So do your thang’ and work you ass off! You got this!