How-to stay on track this weekend

So it’s the weekend. You worked your ass off all week. Woke up early, ate healthy, worked out, stayed hydrated but now what? How do you kick ass all week to blow your diet on the weekend and regret it on Monday. It’s only natural to want to indulge. We’ve all been there! Try these little tips to stay on track and enjoy a “guilt-free” weekend!

Cocktails-  Yes, most of us look forward to having those cocktails after a long work week! It’s obvious that steering clear of alcoholic beverages is the healthier choice BUT to be honest everyone likes a few drinks during the weekend! If you’re in the mood to unwind, it’ll be ok! Try keeping it to one drink. Order something other than your usual. It’ll be easier for you not to go for a second round. Try getting something you can “babysit”.

REMEMBER, the more you drink the more you are more likely to munch! Eating out- I know, I know it sucks being the only one ordering a salad when everyone else is having pasta! Keep in mind, when girls eat out together they are more likely to order similar things. We know this is true! So don’t give in to someone else’s order. Be the first to order! Even then don’t feel obligated to stick to a salad. Most places these days have a “guilt-free” menu. Always remember– PORTION CONTROL!

Stay Active- If you decide to go on a weekend getaway and your hotel has a fitness center try waking up 30 min earlier to get a mini workout in. Trust me, you will feel more energized! If you’re not staying at a hotel try planning activities that will keep you active. Enjoy the breeze and go for a hike. Walk and shop (my fave)! There are so many different ways to keep active!

Keep Hydrated- Drink lots of water! It helps you feel full! Sometimes you may feel like you’re hungry but might just be dehydrated. Tricky, huh?! Keep water bottles with you. Not so hard to do! Hope these tips help!

XOXO, Yolie

So how do you stay healthy during the weekend? Share below!!