So as the tag line says.. this blog is dedicated for the girls creating their best selves. For the ones who are on a constant journey of self discovery, the girls that seek motivation, the ones always on the go,  the ones who put everyone first, the dreamers, the average girl, the girls that work hard to achieve what they desire all while looking fabulous! Let us indulge in the beauty of being all different kinds of woman!


I’m Yolie, 28 yrs old, and a former city girl now living in the middle of nowhere with tons to blab about!

Sweating &  Sparkling is a blog I’m working on in hopes of motivating and promoting confidence in women through fitness, beauty, fashion, and more!– All while trying to motivate myself as well!

For the curious ones:


Sweating.  I’m not talking about the beads that drip down your face on a hot day. I’m talking about hard work. As women, we work hard to get to where we want to be. Just like many of you ladies, I’m working hard on my goals too and hopefully this will help get me where I want to be!

Sparkling.  This word speaks for itself! We women love anything that sparkles! Fashion, beauty, anything shiny!! Ok but in all realness, I believe that when a woman is confident and strong she’s radiant! She sparkles and everyone around her knows it!

Lets Sweat & Sparkle together!



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