Fitness junkie vs. the anti-fitness

I am currently on a fitness journey. About 2 1/2 years ago I competed in a NPC Bikini Competition. I was going through a horrible break up and focused all my negative energy into training for the competition. It became one of the best experiences of my life! I loved it and everything about it.

Image(Horrible pic and bad lighting but I’m in the center)

After that I continued training for a future show. Working out and dieting took over 90% of my life. Then I got sidetracked when I met my current live in boyfriend  friend. I started spending more time with him and less time training. He’s not into anything fitness at all! So by the time I knew it I had gained some weight and lost all motivation to even drive to the gym. I’ll admit, I was a little embarrassed to even show up at the gym. I was happy to have met someone like him but I guess deep down I was unhappy  with myself. I also started feeling insecure. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I would try to go for a run or do a session at home but it was very difficult just to even get myself to do it. So almost 30lbs later (about 4 weeks ago) I woke up with the urge to work out and prep my meals for the week. So hell yea I didn’t question it. I drove my ass to the gym and cooked up a storm! I felt so much better and I haven’t stopped since. I’m doing it slowly though. Trying to get my body back into my old routine. Its been tough but I’ve seen changes so I’m satisfied with that!

Ok now what makes getting back into my old routine tough is that now I am living with someone who isn’t into fitness or eating clean/healthy. I don’t want to force him to eat differently or to start working out because I met him that way so shouldn’t I accept him like that too? The good thing is that he does support me and is happy for me. The bad thing is that sometimes I do want to just be lazy and eat a burger with him… then I think back to how bad habits started.

I don’t know anybody who lives a healthy lifestyle that has a boyfriend/husband that is opposite of that. How should I prevent cheat days from becoming cheat meals everyday?

Confession: When I cook for him I try to make a clean alternative in a way he won’t know… shhhh!



Since I was very embarrassed to even take pics I don’t have much of myself

but here is the most recent one… about 4 weeks ago right before I started training again




2 thoughts on “Fitness junkie vs. the anti-fitness

  1. Ha! My husband can down a burger, fries, milkshake and come home and raid the candy jar without gaining a pound! And of course, seeing him do it makes me want to do the same thing, though I’ll gain 5 lbs with just half of what he eats! Weight aside, it’s just unhealthy. While he’s into sports and would “work out” at games and practices, he was not a true exercise person. Slowly he started getting into it, following my lead. And now he wakes up at 5:30am to go to the gym on a regular basis. As for eating, he’s still a fast food and sweet junky, but at home, I make healthy food and he knows it and eats it happily. I just try to buy treats I know he’ll devour in two seconds so I won’t be tempted, and cook healthier alternatives for me to treat myself with.
    Good luck! It’s hard and takes time and work, but you can do it!

    • Thanks! And yes its been a challenge. I try to work around it and he supports me. Sometimes he will try to eat what I eat but its not the same as a juicy burger and I know he’s not enjoying it so I don’t force him. Although, it would be good for his health to change the way he eats. Maybe one day but I know for a fact he will not give up his candy!!!! haha

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